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A celebration of wrestling; your new home for all things wrestling - the world's first true wrestling social network!


They say a picture is worth a thousand words; Let your photos do the talking!

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Why Wrestle.Network?

What makes our site great is the community behind it, first and foremost, but also our content. We provide what nobody else offers: a central hub for all things wrestling - by the fans, for the fans. We bring fans, performers and brands together. Here's some more reasons to join:

Always-On We're a 24/7 community site with a team spanning 3 continents, so you know there's always something happening here - and there's always someone to talk to.
Free To Access Supported by advertisements, our site will always be free to access, but for additional features and reduced ads, Premium membership offers a little something extra!
Beautiful Anywhere Our site has a fully responsive design which works great across desktop, laptop, tablet & mobile. Our Progressive Web App gives a native app experience on smart devices too!
Fan Pages & Advertising Are you a performer or brand? Why not have your own verified page on our site? It's never been easier to engage with the crowd! Plus, there's always advertising opportunities.
socially accepted We're a truly social network; with groups, discussions, competitions, polls, chat and more - No matter who you are or where you come from, you're welcome here.
Secured & Trusted Secured by 256-bit encryption and actively monitored by McAfee & Sitelock with regular malware scanning, we ensure you, your data & transactions stay safe at all times.
Tickets & Merchandise Buy or (if you're a partner) sell tickets, here on our site. We're also developing our own merchandise store, so soon you'll be able to buy (or sell) your favourite merch too!
Always Something More Our site is easy to use but if you ever get stuck, our help section should have you covered with plenty of tutorials. It's never long before there's something new, too!
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Getting started with Wrestle.Network is as simple as three easy steps:

Step One: Sign-up or log-into the site. First, you need a profile, so click the buttons at the top of this page and enter the required details, or allow your existing social media accounts to create a profile for you!
Step Two: Post and engage with content, just like Facebook or Twitter: Add friends, post status updates, like and comment on posts and pages, discuss topics, ask questions, join groups, take part in competitions and so much more!
Step Three: Share content across the web. See something you like? why not react with a thumbs up or a heart? Comment & join the discussion. Vote on polls and contests or share news, lists & feature articles across social media and e-mail.
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Our site has a 100% responsive design which means it performs well on tablets and smartphones as well as desktops and laptops. But we're taking things one step further: Our site looks even better on mobile devices with our Progressive Web App! Download and save to your home screen straight from the mobile/tablet site for native access to our best features any time - even if you're offline!

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  • View previously accessed content even when offline! Internet required for fresh content.

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