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  • Feb 12, 2019
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Platform & Vision

Our goal with this website is simple: to put smiles on people's faces by bringing everything they love about wrestling into one central hub for straight-forward, easy access to the best content the internet can provide. We aim to build on the common understanding that wrestling fans online are known as the "Internet Wrestling Community" (or IWC for short) and focus on that last word - Community. It's our job to foster and develop a true central and social community for wrestling fans, personalities, promoters and businesses alike to all come together under one roof and celebrate professional wrestling all around the world.

Of course, our dream is big, but if you don't dream big and go after it, your dreams never become a reality. We are a dedicated workforce with the drive and passion to make our long-standing dream as real as the risk another big dreamer took, on a certain event known as WrestleMania. Vince McMahon dreamed big when he bet his house and livelihood on establishing WrestleMania as the biggest stage in all of entertainment.

Now, some 30+ years on, it truly is the grandest stage of them all, crossing over from the professional wrestling audience, to the mainstream media, just as it did back at the very first event, only the scale of that transcendence is much bigger. We aim to continually be inspired by the journey Vince McMahon took in cementing his vision of a popular east-coast wrestling territory turning into a global phenomenon and a powerhouse, transforming both sports and entertainment forever. The legacy of Mr. McMahon is what fuels our passion to take our humble website concept and push it further, nurturing and growing it into something far beyond expectations.

Are we in this just to make a quick buck? No. While we certainly need a means of generating an income, for the team to be compensated for our efforts, we are not simply here to make promises, not deliver and empty your pockets. Most of our website is free to access and this is made possible by the advertisements we'll be displaying at the tops of pages and along the side columns. We don't believe in intrusive advertising, so where possible, we'll avoid any overly flashy banners, or auto-playing sounds and videos in ad squares. We want to strike that balance between displaying products and services which you may be interested in - so that we can earn a living - and delivering the very best in wrestling community content on the internet. Our name is our vision; we're here to create the wrestling network, connecting every fan to as many stars and promotions as possible.

For those who really don't want ads? We haven't forgotten about you. Our Premium Membership packages (which we'll roll out soon) offer an ad-free experience (where possible) and a number of additional perks, the list for which will only grow as the coming months pass. We'll soon be launching a podcast - if you want an ad-free experience with extended interviews and more content, then Premium is your route to it. As our platform grows and merchandise becomes available, if you want a permanent discount for the length of your membership, then join Premium! What about Events? That's right, for any events where tickets are being sold, we'll even give our Premium Members a discount there. There's more on the way, but we can't share too much as it's all a bit hush-hush for the time being! At a reasonable price of £5.99 a month (just over half the cost of the WWE Network), the value of your Membership will only increase as time goes on - and the more people who sign-up to Premium, the better the value will be, as we'll be re-investing much of our income back into the platform to continue growing!

But what about you wrestling personalities, promoters and organisations? You want a slice of this action too? We were hoping you'd say that! Yes, if you're wondering, it is indeed possible to sign-up and claim your own fan page on our social network, just like on Facebook. Protect and promote your brand at Wrestle.Network with a fan page and lead discussion directly with a captive audience already interested in your product! We're all here to celebrate wrestling, so all you have to do is stand out and pitch! Want to provide news and updates on your promotion? Want to advertise for bookings at any shows someone might be running? What about selling merchandise and event tickets?

Imagine selling out your small independent show due to overwhelming interest from your fans at Wrestle.Network. Have every seat in the house taken by selling event tickets with us, then post about your show and discuss with those who were there. Our members will naturally share their experiences and feedback while promoting your brand for free through "word of mouth". Know someone's getting over big with the audience? Sell a t-shirt with their logo on it and watch the dinero pile up. Of course, we'll take a little cut for providing the platform to you, but the rest of the money is all yours to keep. Want more? Don't you worry. We've got more comin'! As the months go by, we'll be adding to our offering and providing more tools and expanding our platform, giving your brand a head-start with exposure to the wrestling world.