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Sean White

They call me The Bull. I also go by Sean. I'm the guy who created this monster. I'm the Director of the Wrestle Network Ltd company and I'm the main administrator and content creator on the Wrestle.Network site. In addition to being the man behind the madness, I'm also a musician, composer and producer. I have my own professional-grade studio at home where I operate my own digital record label (releases pending). I'm not intentionally trying to become Vince McMahon, but the daily work hours, isolated lifestyle and knack for new concepts does give me common ground with him. For all his draw-backs, and what some would consider flaws, at least Vince is a good role model for how to dominate the business world and take a humble notion and turn that dream into a reality. At 31 years old, I currently live in the north of England in the UK, though I also spend a fair amount of time at my family's place in Spain, or vacationing elsewhere. I've got a vast number of years under my belt as far as experienc

WWE to Bring Back Halftime Heat on 3rd of February 2019


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