About Wrestle.Network

Want to know a little more about our site, our team, our partners, our vision and what exactly it is that we do? You're in the right place. We're always on the look-out for new volunteer contributors, so if you think you can help and want the opportunity to gain experience, with the potential to be considered a candidate if we open any future paid positions, then feel free to contact us and apply!

Key Contacts

  • Sean White
    Company Director; Company and Site Administrator; Editor-in-Chief; Head of Content and Partnerships
  • Dean James
    Community Manager; Site and Discussions Administrator; News and Features Editor; Content Creator
  • Tom Wilson
    Head of Classic Features; Social, Chat and Groups Moderator; Content Creator


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Our Story

Our story begins back in 2010, when our founder and company director, Sean White had a vision. With the world of social media and fan-interaction fast-becoming a popular norm and integrating well into wrestling products, it seemed apparent to him that many services, platforms and fans were fragmented and separated across websites, forums, apps and accounts - and nobody offered a central hub for access to all these things. What started out as an obscure dream and a curiosity as to why this was, soon turned into a passion.


For the next 2 years, Sean would study business development and social media as well as learn how to design and develop websites and which services, platforms and tools could help him achieve his overall goal of bringing all things wrestling under one roof. As he studied and learned, the dream became bigger and his idea for aggregating news and access to social pages became something so much more. He knew he was onto something!


By 2012, Sean had gained funding for his vision in the form of a grant and loan from The Prince’s Trust charity in the UK, after completing their Enterprise Programme and wowing a panel of funding judges with his business proposal and 3-year plan. With this support and agreement that his idea had potential, Sean seemed poised to bring his dream into reality. Before long, he introduced the administrative and creative team members, Dean James and Matt McNerney to his vision and together, they created what was to become a pilot and first draft of an all-in-one social platform for wrestling.


The dream, however, would prove a little too forward for the technology available at the time and through technical and financial struggles, additional personnel issues, health struggles and more, the vision, while oh-so-very-close to being realised and being unveiled to the public, fell short at the final hurdle.


Letting the passion project sit dormant for a while, Sean pursued other goals and ventures, though not once forgetting the passion and drive he had come to develop for his concept for a central wrestling hub. Years later, now with wisdom in his corner as well as a greater knowledge and understanding of business and the technology available, on a whim and a mild curiosity, Sean poked around to see if his idea was still viable or if it had yet been accomplished by anyone else. It hadn’t - This raised an eyebrow!


Before he knew it - and all within a month or so - Sean was back at it and rapidly developing his “baby” from scratch once more. Involving Dean, Matt and a new team member in Tom Wilson, he felt more capable than ever, knowing he had the full support of those sharing in his dream. Through diligence, hard work, sleepless nights, beyond maximum stress levels, personal loss, even more financial struggles and a lot of repetitive strain, at last, Sean and the team saw the light at the end of the tunnel and began to flesh out the vision, forming a roadmap for the introduction of features and functions to the site as well as expansions to the business.


With renewed excitement and a plan to revolutionise the wrestling industry, on the 5th of April 2019, just 2 days prior to the biggest event on the wrestling calendar, WWE’s WrestleMania, Sean, Dean, Matt and Tom - in spite of expected teething problems - will launch Wrestle.Network officially and open the site to the public. To learn more about our talented team or perhaps apply to volunteer as a contributor, click here.


Our Team

At launch, we are a small team of 4 passionate, hard working, driven and intelligent guys, collaborating remotely on our passion project. Our ages range across some of wrestling's key demographics and we live in three different continents. Our business is based in the UK, as is our founder and company director, Sean White.

Sean is in his 30s and has over a decade of experience in web design and content management alongside almost 20 years of experience in co-ordinating a team, management and production of "weekly wrestling shows" through creative writing, as he has founded, co-founded, operated and managed a plethora of wrestling roleplay sites (or e-federations) during his time. He's been a fan of professional wrestling and sports entertainment for just about as long and has studied both the product itself (the shows, matches, wrestling styles, characters, lineage and general history) and the business of wrestling (organisation, management, production, writing, booking, commentary, investment, expansion, operation etc.) as far back as the golden age of the 1940s-50s. He is a true student of the game and uses this knowledge in every day life, not just in the operation of this website and business. He truly believes wrestling can teach a lot about life if a fan is willing to pay attention and interpret - he compares it to a religion, which can do much the same, as well as help shape morals and principles. Perhaps wrestling is his religion?


Ready to sign-up? Click here to do so. Or if you're not quite ready, read on to learn more about what we do.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionise the wrestling industry by providing a platform to level the playing field for all performers, brands and promotions. We want to foster direct relationships between performers, brands and their fans while creating opportunities for our partners to help them grow in both revenue and exposure. We aim to provide equal opportunity for all promotions from around the world to get eyes on their product and increase their following and fandom while allowing fans to get involved, engaged and to purchase tickets, merchandise and more. Simply put, our company is founded on the idea of celebrating all of wrestling. Wrestle Network is a social celebration of wrestling as a whole.


Of course, a greater emphasis will be placed on the more well-known organisations in the industry, as that’s where the biggest fanbase is, but while those brands don’t need our help to grow, it’s our hope that through creating related content to those brands, our platform will inspire our viewers, readers and members to take a look at the other wrestling products across the globe and take a chance on something new. We believe wrestling is wrestling and hope that through increased exposure, and potentially increased revenue, our partners will have a level playing field to grow their organisations and perhaps one day, become the well-known promotions themselves.

Our Platform

Wrestle Network is more than just a social network – though this is not what our founder Sean White had originally planned! We are a wrestling news and results website, with additional list-based articles, features, reviews and blogs posted regularly. We foster topic-based discussion and community surveying, creation of subject-specific groups, real-time chat via text, voice or video, and we offer creation of events and ticketing for those events. We provide a YouTube-style video platform and Facebook or Twitter-style Fan/Brand Pages for our members to connect with. Above all else though, connection is precisely what our business is built on; our platform was created to allow fans to connect not only with each other, but with their favourite brands and performers from across the entire wrestling industry.


As a by-product of developing this community, we gain valuable and actionable data on trends within the industry and provide this to our partners to allow them the best opportunity to adapt to changes in popularity and alter their content according to what it is their audience actually wants. With the power of Wrestle Network, this has never been easier and more quickly actionable. Our partners can directly engage with their audience and even poll their fans on specific queries around the content they love to gain a greater understanding of their audience’s desires. Imagine a world where as a wrestling promoter, you’re able to gain insight into the minds of your fans and adapt your product to suit pop culture, current trends and new interests from the broad spectrum of wrestling fandom. Now, with Wrestle Network, you can! If you provide what the people want, the people will want what you’re providing!


We have a much bigger vision for Wrestle Network than what we currently offer. You may question what else can we possibly do to provide a one-stop-shop for all things wrestling? Well, trust us, there’s a hell of a lot more that we can do, and as we grow, we will do! Keep glued to Wrestle Network for the latest announcements and news on how our platform will grow over time.


As a potential Partner, if you’re looking for a more in-depth break-down of our platform and want to gain a greater understanding of our offering and how we can help you, feel free to contact us and request a meeting or a call to discuss your needs. We’ll be happy to help!

Our Principles

Being a company founded in 2019 brings with it a plethora of responsibilities and challenges, but we embrace these openly and don’t view them as burdens, and as such, we are proud to say that we aim to be an environmentally friendly organisation wherever possible; be that through working in a near-paperless environment, using renewable energy to power our systems where available or through actively reducing our use of plastics and recycling the ones we do use. As our company grows, we will continue to expand our green efforts and will always do our utmost to help improve the global environment and create a better world for future generations.


As a social network at-its-core our company has a very clear stance on offensive behaviour and material, and although we are a small team at launch, we have a high priority for removing and excluding bad actors and inappropriate content. We have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying, abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia, grooming, exploitation, pornography, criminality of any kind and all other forms of offensive behaviour. We are a welcoming community aiming to build an inclusive society, but in order to be inclusive, sometimes exclusions must apply.


We welcome anyone above the age of 13, regardless of identifying gender, religion, race or sexuality and if any visitor does not like or agree with that, then we politely ask you leave as intolerance and lack of respect for all other human beings on our planet is simply unacceptable to us and we would not like such behaviour on our site. If we find any offensive content or behaviour on our site, or it is reported to us, we will act swiftly to remove the content and behaviour, immediately issuing a warning to the parties responsible, requesting for them to cease such activity. Anyone found to ignore such warnings will be removed from the site and be permanently banned from future access. In addition, if we believe it necessary, we will seek legal advice and notify the appropriate authorities for further action against anyone responsible for inappropriate content.


We at Wrestle Network believe in equal opportunity and equal pay and as such, we aim to have no discrepancy between the pay of any of our team members, regardless of gender, race, religion or sexuality. Who a person is should not define whether a person gets a job or how well they are paid; how well they perform at interview and how well they do their job is what matters to us, here at Wrestle Network.


In addition to the above, guiding our daily work is a vision for a level playing field across the wrestling industry. We are happy to work with all promoters/promotions, performers, advertisers, sponsors and other partners no matter their budget – as long as we do not consider their content inappropriate for our audience, in an effort to help their brand/product to flourish and reach its’ full potential. We provide a robust advertising platform within our site allowing those we work with to gain exposure through banners or other social advertising integrated deeply within our social network.


Alongside this, we offer the ability to sell tickets to events and soon, we will provide a platform for selling merchandise as well as the opportunity to upload audio and video to various sections of our site. More tools will become available as our business grows and we believe partnerships will be key to that success and continued opportunity for growth across the entire industry. We believe we all have the capacity to lift each other up and raise the overall game to a level never seen before. It’s our vision to foster a community which helps one another in whatever ways possible for the good of wrestling as a whole.

Our Roadmap

Information about our upcoming projects is coming soon...